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Mar 13, 2012

Hey, How’s it #Draping?

Forget the perilous “planking”, the ridiculous “tebowing" or the slightly amusing "razorbombing”, “#draping” is the new photo meme to take over the world.

So, what is it, exactly? Why, it is the simple act of photographing oneself from behind with one’s right arm over the top of a railing, bench, chair, or more famously, couch … a la Don Draper. (Hence its name.)

I’m still curious as to where it started and who started it exactly, but I will be content to just say it was Don Draper back in 1960. (Or Jon Hamm circa 2007) It’s not really an explanation, but I can live with it.

It’s just another fun way to pass the time while we all eagerly count down the return of Mad Men on March 25th. (Took them long enough!) So … here’s to another season of everyone’s favorite hot mess of a man-whore, um, Advertising Executive. (Same thing.)

And just in case you’re ever overwhelmed or daunted by the every day dilemmas, or generally find yourself asking WWDDD … fret not. Draper answers all.

- via http://draping.tumblr.com/